Maui Hawaii Closing Costs

Seller Heidi Dollinger October 27, 2023

Maui Hawaii Buyer Typical Closing Costs

  • Buyer pays 40% of the standard coverage for title insurance
  • Cost of drafting the mortgage note or agreement of sale (if applicable)
  • Cost of obtaining buyer’s consents (mobile notary)
  • Buyer pays 50% of escrow fees
  • Recording fee (except for documents to clear seller’s title)
  • Condominium Association Transfer fee (if applicable)
  • FHA or VA points or any mortgage fees (if applicable)
  • Buyer’s costs for obtaining financing, appraisal, lender fees (if applicable)

Maui Hawaii Seller Typical Closing Costs

  • Seller pays 60% of the standard coverage from title insurance
  • Cost of drafting conveyance documents and bills of sale (if applicable)
  • Seller’s notary fees
  • Seller pays 50% of escrow fees 
  • Seller pays conveyance tax
  • Recording fees to clear seller’s title 
  • Realtor commissions 
  • HARPTA withholding (if applicable)
  • FIRPTA withholding (if applicable)
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